When life gets stagnant or when it feels that it is not moving fast enough (as fast as we would like it to move), realize that it may be coursing on a ‘neutral’ gear….and that you may need to consider shifting gears 🙂

Most of us are in a mad rush to move forward as fast as we can, but often get lost due to a poor sense of direction, of the traffic or of the other hurdles that we encounter on the way. A neutral gear gives the necessary pause required to assess if you are on the right path or you if you need to alter the direction. If you keep complaining about not moving fast enough (or of being stuck or stagnant), you’re not using the neutral gear effectively. Perhaps, you are trying to move even before you have shifted the gears. In any case, every gear has its speed limit; so after moving at a happy speed for a while, we begin to feel stuck and need to shift gears again – after an adequate neutral pause.


A seasoned driver uses the ‘neutral’ gear or the pauses of life rather efficaciously, shifting the gears with flowing ease – without making any noise. That makes his ride much more worthwhile and enjoyable. If your life is making a lot of noise, understand that you may need to switch gears seamlessly in order to keep the momentum going. Every time our life or our body makes a noise (whines, clanks, coughs, splutters, gets stuck or breaks down), it tries to warn us that we are doing something wrong. Likewise, discomforts (bad happenings, mishaps, failures, rejections) tell us, that we need to change something or that we’re treading on a wrong path or that we’re using a wrong approach. Success largely depends on decoding these cues efficiently, anticipating hiccups and shifting gears well in advance to ensure a smooth, bump-free ride