They said I squandered,

They said I messed up & lost,

They said I wasted my life,

that I have never realized it’s cost.

They said my dreams weren’t worth a dime,

That I was a lost star that failed to shine,

Just another lash of wave on a feeble stone

Just another queen living in the shadows of her throne!

They said I was wrong ,

Weaving rhymes never bought me bread,

But the soul I stitched with those words ,

Kept my sanity from being dead .

They said I couldn’t tell right from wrong,

They said I could have been more strong,

They ridiculed me and told me to put up a fight,

but for me it wasn’t passion, if it was not right.

They said you will never forget.

It’s a curse, for memories are forever etched.

They said life is gonna be bitter ahead.

Yet today, I look back without regrets.

They kept saying – adding nothing new,

They kept disapproving – coz they had nothing better to do,

But I learnt to look ahead and move on,

The person who once cared is gone!