After being challenged

by a storm,

I picked up pieces

of my shattered dream.


I didn’t dare the storm,

Only tried to regain my form.

I didn’t bludgeon my fate,

I just stood there, firm and straight.


Not a tear did flow,

not an iota of spirit lost.

I churned new hopes,

every new day.


I stood amidst ruins,

of shattered dreams & hopes.

Amongst a million hissing snakes,

I saw just ropes.


The rope gave me hope,

the snake was always fake.

My fears were true…

but my resolve was like tenacious glue.


Tired, the storm busted its game

Grisly and gruesome its fame

I treated it no more than a beguiler,

making an attempt so lame.


The storm then accosted me,

asked me my name.

I said,

what is in a name,

attitude is the game!