As an IT consultant working on a core banking product, I’m inundated with queries on upgrading the product digitally. Though many banks that run on legacy core banking products are able to meet customer expectations, they still need to up their ante to remain competitive.

For the uninitiated, legacy core banking systems have long been considered to be an albatross in a banks’ digital journey. To all those banks and financial institutions that are struggling to go digital, “Digital Banking tips” by Tolga Tavlas offers just the right start.

It is a quick read with some practical, actionable steps, which can be effortlessly retrofitted in the existing technical infrastructure. Most tips effectively demonstrate how a bit of logical thinking can go a long way in generating a stream of digital ideas.

A few chapters in the end seemed repetitive and could have been excluded. The book broadly covered the major facets of digital banking, but overall lacked in depth. The author could make up for it by coming up with a detailed sequel.

All in all, a good read and recommended for all the digital enthusiasts and the CIOs!

Rating: 3.5/5