‘Community Qonnect Private Mobile Application’ is a smartphone app that I created about 3 years ago. September 11, 2013.

I had published it on a relatively unknown app market and coherently enough, soon forgot about it. Today, I stumbled upon its download page by chance and realized it was done exactly 3 years ago! Whatte timing! Surely brought back a lot of memories.

It was the first time I had dirtied my hands with some real code. This was before I joined TCS, and it was meant to be a prelude exercise for code development that would be required of me thereafter. It was done independently with the aid of few online tutorials.

I still remember the sense of accomplishment that graced me when it was completed. I couldn’t believe I had just created an app, end-to-end, all on my own! I had done the coding, testing and then put it up for publishing.

Of course, it wasn’t a tall order and there have been innumerable whiz kids and youngsters who have accomplished much more. However for me, it was a stimulating experience that amplified my confidence to try and achieve more. For that, I’m grateful. I decided to blog about it today, lest it fades away from my mind completely. After all, life is all about celebrating life-changing moments like these, whether small or big 🙂



The app is created in two versions – a native android version and a HTML5 version. It can be downloaded from – http://appstore.monk.ee/details.php?appid=100261726

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