Movies are wonderful works of “fiction”. Barring a few, most Bollywood movies are almost entirely about circumventing the same old tried-n-tested formulae which filmmakers find hard to do away with, especially when they are so well lapped up by the audience.
I’ve found an eclectic mix of over-expressive drama and scenes which don’t really have an comic timing, yet are hilarious, thanks to the way they are presented 😉 . Presenting some of the common cliches/scenarios/dialogues that our movie industry loves to have a facsimile of –

1. Poor = Innocent. Rich = Brat. 
How mean! 😶
2. The matriarch’s psychic intuition:
Hail Indian mothers! 🙏
3. Things constantly blowing in the wind….
Yeah, even indoors! 😝
4. Perfectly synchronised dances:

These shall remain in Bollywood till eternity 😜


5. The valiant hero: 


Ever wondered how the lean bollywood heroes survive the blows of the sturdy weight lifting antagonists? Exercise? Practise? Nope, Bollywood. 💪

6. Everyone always goes to the same hospital no matter where they are!

And invariably, it is always the same “City Hospital” 😛



7. DNA reports always get swapped and are never accurate.. 

Damn! 😡



8. No one ever dies a natural death. No body is ever recovered. If recovered it is burnt beyond recognition. No case is ever solved. 


Villian >>>>> CBI. 😱


9. The doctors and the police, apparently have no conscience…



They can be easily lured to lie 😷


10. The protagonist will keep repeating “ek baar meri baat suno” instead of actually saying what they have to.



Why this Kolaveri Di?! 😭

10. The goons will surround the hero and take turns to fight him…
Because, discipline is more important…. !! 🤕
11. No fighting scene is ever complete with destroying the sabji cart…
And the poor sabjiwala just looks on…. doesn’t even ask for a compensation.. 😢
12. Gravity is almost non-existent….
Sorry Newton! 😔
13. Love or nostalgia can instantly transport you to an exotic location….
And in designer clothes….  💃🏻
14. You can be successful only when you’re suspended from duty…
One more reason to cheer at setbacks 😇
15. Songs, dance and more fun…
Bring it on! 😘

Are we complaining? Hell, no!

Bollywood is so predictably adorable!


If you have some more favorite Bollywood cliche’s, add to the list by commenting below!


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