Most Whatsapp users around the world look for interesting status lines to put on their Whatsapp profiles. However, framing a status that perfectly captures your state of mind with the right set of words and phrases ain’t easy.

Just keeping it at “Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp”, “Can’t talk, WhatsApp only”, “Battery about to die”, “Available”, etc. effectively conveys that you are low on WhatsApp usage and may even discourage potential chats. Definitely not a smart approach when it comes to a communication app.

Instead if you choose to put an interesting status, it could serve as a good starting point for new conversations. If you frame a status around a recent event or some riveting situation that you were in, it can easily spark up a light chat and allow you to bond with family, friends and contacts over a few laughs.

Alternatively, you can put some general status that depicts the situation you are in. Making up a catchy status can really get you some attention, could make you the center of talks 😉. A stunning status works like a charm in building relationships.

If you want to update your whatsapp status with a witty, clever, sarcastic, hilarious, amusing or a funny one-liner, then this article is for you. I would like to introduce you to Whatsstatus – a comprehensive collection of whatsapp statuses catering to a wide variety of moods and tones.

—  Hundreds of new statuses are added daily.
—  All their statuses are unique and distinctive.
—  They have hundreds of writers associated with them who write & submit new statuses.
—  They have more then 60 Status Categories to choose from like (SpiritualMotivationalEmotional, Decent, Sad, etc).
—  Option to check out the top statuses as voted by real users.
—  Social sharing: If you wish to share any status then simply click on any social icon just below the status and it will get shared.

What’s more, you can even sign up on their website as a publisher and submit new status messages. You will be paid for every approved status as below:

Re.1 for the first 200 messages.
Rs. 2 after the 200 messages.

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