Why do people go mountaineering? This question has been thrown at almost every adventurist who has ever considered mountaineering. One of the legendary mountaineers – George Mallory, shot back a reply in a manner most befitting – “Because it’s there”. I reckon, one of the major reasons behind climbing mountains for most can be summed up in just one word – Glory!

If you ask me this question; that is one of the answers I will give too. Yes, I belong to the Facebook and Instagram generation and it feels nice when you climb and post photographs that are lapped up by many. Not to mention the sense of high you get out of doing stuff most people don’t (or rather won’t) do. Also explains why people go for bungee jumping or sky diving or paragliding trips.

With one successful pilot mountaineering trip behind me, I genuinely believe that it is good to push oneself beyond the illusion of what they think is their limit. Mind you, I am not just referring to the physical limit – which forever remains quite inadequate. No mountaineer could be an incarnation of Hercules or Adonis. Mentally though, they are very strong. Adventures like these can infuse perfect decision making skills, a solid workaround lookout, ability to carry one’s own weight in a team (literally), ability to place a massive amount of trust in your team (you entrust your life to your teammates when you rope up) – essentially all the necessary life-skills. It can teach you the value of life, and also to cherish every moment of it. Above all, it can inculcate in you a strong urge to perform and infuse a steel-like will to survive.

What is life if not this? Surmounting a peak is like an experience of a lifetime condensed into a few weeks. You get a chance to live many lives before you die.

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