When referring to personalities, we usually come across the terms alpha, beta and omega. This article is about the “Alpha” enigma. What is so special about being an alpha? What are their atypical characteristics? And how being one can help you succeed in life?

To begin with, it ain’t always either/or, and Alpha may not always be better than Beta and Omega. What counts is the degree of each that a person has in his personality. A person may be a Beta, with anything from a handful to a big helping of Alpha, or an Alpha with strong to middling Beta tendencies, or an extreme Alpha with no Beta at all.

Alpha is used to describe those who are powerful, competitive and unapologetically assertive. They’re unrestrained. They’re unafraid to ask for what they want. They lead the pack. They win at life. They’re fun. They’re fearless. And they never give up!

They’re someone other people wish they could be.

It definitely goes without saying, having strong alpha streaks in your personality can help you be successful. And as with other transferrable personality traits, it is definitely possible to pick up alpha traits on your own will. It’ll require work, and if you’re truly devoted, it can be developed. The traits aren’t too difficult to read, learn or imitate.


Developing a strong Alpha personality

1. Lead! This is very important. Here, leading is just another term for organizing. When you actually meet up your friends, make sure that you carry on leading.

2. Protect your group in dire times. In the animal kingdom, alpha is always the one who would fright off the predators. In the real world, these could come in the form of insults or physical threats to any member of your group.

3. Be calm and collected at all times. If something happens to panic members of your group, they will instinctively look to the guy with the level head which is always the one who is not panicking. You can display your level head on a sub-conscious level by the way you move. Always be slow and calm with your body movements. Never make jumpy or jerky movements that make you appear nervous.


Alpha Personality Will Bring You Success

1. You’ll be popular: Your friends and colleagues will like you so, they will hope for your success as much as you do. It is as if you have your own personal cheering squad and when things are not going your way, you can expect these people to jump in and help.

2. You’ll be a Leader: People naturally want to follow others with alpha personalities. Because others are following your lead, they will work harder to contribute to your success knowing that their own success is dependent on you and your plan.

3. You’ll be Enterprising: Be one of those who seek solutions to whatever problems arise.

4. You’ll Possess Charm and Charisma: Part of being successful relies on your ability to share your success and the rewards of it with others. People want to be a part of your success because you are just so appealing, warm and welcoming.

5. You’ll be Confident: New opportunities are constantly presenting themselves and you’ll have enough confidence to make yourself available for all of them.

6. You’ll Dominate the Social Circles: A key to success in business is networking and you are naturally inclined to be good at this. In terms of success in life, large and varied social circles will allow you more opportunities to find hobbies that you love.

7. You’ll have a Can-Do Attitude: You can handle anything that is thrown your way. New tasks are easily tackled and, because you’re you, they are completed with poise.

8. You’ll be Ambitious: There won’t be much worth if you don’t aspire to make progress. Your alpha personality makes you want to do more in every aspect of life.

9. You’ll be Competitive: Turn everything into a competition. And you have to be the winner. Turn your ambition into a competition and you will surely end up on top.

10. You’ll Control You: Some alpha traits like bossiness may not be received as much as charm and charisma. Control these unpopular traits and you’ll be successful.

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