Growing a new Twitter account is like getting a seed fund for your startup. When starting out with zilch followers, there isn’t much you can do. Your first 500 organic followers are the most critical followers you’ll ever get. And needless to say, they’re extremely hard to get – extremely hard!

Here’s how you can do it –

Choose a niche: Decide the account’s purpose before starting out – whether its a personal or a business account, if it is to be used for personal branding or promoting a business or for simply playing contests!

Rev up your profile. Make sure your profile is complete with an avatar and a solid bio. Make sure the decided niche is clearly communicated through the bio. Most potential followers will first glance at your bio to decide whether you’re worth following or not.

Follow relevant people. At all times, try to stick to the niche, than following random accounts. Follow influencers and other relevant people in your niche. Also follow their followers and the accounts they’re following (Of course, only if they’re relevant to you!)

Compose interesting tweets. You need to make an impact with your tweets. Share links and use multimedia generously. Also never hesitate to repeat your tweets (specially the popular ones!).

Retweet! Make sure you regularly retweet content from others in your niche. Reciprocation often reaps rich rewards.

Use hashtags. Using relevant hashtags can help you connect with people having similar interests and increase your profile visibility.

Use Directories. Use Twitter Directories like Twiends to increase your exposure and get more followers.

Review your network. Review your network (accounts you follow) regularly. If you find that a certain accounts have become inactive, or have unfollowed you or they never followed you back, decide if you’d like to unfollow them. Sites like Crowdfire may help you with the stats.

Be consistent: Dedicate a stipulated time everyday to perform the above steps. Consistency is the key.

Lastly, be positive! Remember to have fun with your audience. And consistently dish out great value-adds to them.

I hope these points will help you grow your account. It’ll definitely not happen overnight, and could take several months (or even years) before you could cough up a sizeable network, but it’ll be totally worth it! And feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or over Twitter – @priyankanaik042.

Over to you!!

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