Sometimes I still think of you,

Instances are rare, but still a few.

During travels and meets,

And in moments of solitude.

Of how you made me laugh,

When smiling seemed impossible,

Or how you assured its gonna be okay,

And life suddenly felt so simple.

How you made me feel stronger,

More than I actually was,

How you craved for my attention,

On the silliest of things without cause.

How we fought and laughed,

And sang and rejoiced,

How in the midst of endless convos,

We managed to keep the world aside.

They say its not the person you miss,

But the moments you cherished,

Its not the about walls you built,

But the ones you tried to bridge.

We speak of letting go,

And of living without regrets,

But what seems to be a simple logic,

Is tougher to follow than to suggest.

I look forward to feel the same again

And I wish the same for you

For the stories are the same every time,

Its Just the characters that are new.


Every person will play their part,

ensuring the apparent ending is a new start.

We shall smile again, forgetting the worries,

Adding a new chapter to the book of life stories.