“If you really took yourself seriously enough,

you’d realize how important it is to enjoy life!!”

I’d love to have the quote tattooed on my arm, if only it weren’t so long… 😊

The frustrations of living in the 21st century come in a multitude of forms, some as insipid as – a slow internet connection, people driving on roads at snail’s pace, not getting a timely response on WhatsApp and so on…

If we were to look at the above problems from far as a spectator, we wouldn’t be any less amused. But when we’re in the situation, the problems seem almost catastrophic! Not because they actually are, but because we choose to make them so.

A good majority of us are way too serious, we make no bones about converting everyday situations into problems. Perhaps, it is the universe that conspires to make us so, by constantly bombarding us with a million trite traps everyday, which only encourage us to take life furthermore seriously!

But here Katrina, I wanna tell you – loosen up! It’s easy to fall for the trap and live in perpetual disdain, but it takes some serious effort to look beyond the imperfections. It’s easy to forget to allow those belly laugh moments when life bogs you down, but it’s  exacting to actually smile or laugh. It’s easy to focus on all that’s wrong with the world, but arduous to focus on everything that’s going right.

I have been a serious person for as long as I can remember. This year, however, I wish to shake it off. While it is also concomitant of all the professional success that had graced me in the past year, I’ve decided to do away with my serious demeanour in general, irrespective of how my future pans out. That doesn’t mean that I’d become complacent or would’ve no more goals to achieve, but I’d just like to let it go a bit, for once. I don’t mean to take my eye off the prize so to say, but I’d also not want my spirit and personality to get suppressed along the way.

Now, TBH, I don’t completely know where I’m going with this post 😉 But it doesn’t bother me much, not as much as it’d have, say, about a year back. So it’s definitely a good start 😁 Tee Hee!

Anyways, I’d like to sign off stating the obvious (yet oblivious) – Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive anyway. Work hard, but try not to read too much into the results. Even with all the failures, you’ll still lead a decent life, if not a great one. Life is too short to get sucked into all the BS that’s happening around the world.

Anyone with me? If you (like me) want to shake off the seriousness, why don’t we just have a go at it? We shall motivate each other, deal? 😉