Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a nondescript village – who grew a superior quality, best in class corn. Almost every year, his famed corn would win a blue ribbon award in the state fair.

One such year, a newspaper reporter decided to interview him. During the rendezvous, the reporter discovered something interesting about his oft-repeated success story – he learnt that the farmer would often generously share his best corn seeds with his neighbors – including the ones who would also be his rivals in the competition.

This intrigued the reporter no end.

“How do you afford to share your best seeds with your neighbors? Aren’t you worried about losing?” he further probed.

“I win, because I share”, said the farmer nonchalantly, “Ripe corn pollens are often dispersed from one field to the other by breezy winds. No matter how superior my corn seeds are, if neighbors grow inferior quality corn, cross pollination would gradually degrade my corn quality as well. If I’ve to grow good corn, I must ensure my neighbors grow good corn too…”

Isn’t this story a great lesson for all of us? 

“You’ll get all you want in life, if you help enough people get what they want.” 

~ Zig Ziglar