Are you one of those people – who are adept at finding the perfect gift, but can never get the wrapping right? Are you a last minute bung it in a bag kind of person?

Well, don’t switch to the banal gift bag and tissue paper cop out just yet! I’d like to share some simple tips to make this most loathed activity a little easier.

1. Hop onto a hard surface 

A hard surface will allow you to measure the gift paper accurately, help you estimate where to exactly cut or crease your gift paper, and wrap the object without wrinkles!

2. Remove the price tag

This one’s common sense, but there’s nothing worse than having to re-wrap an entire gift, because you forgot to take that tag off!

3. Take stock of the wrappers available 

Maybe you totally forgot to buy some wrapping paper, or you thought you’d more than is actually available! Worry not, find some old sheet, cloth, scarf, newspaper, magazine or paper bag, and get innovative!

4. Arm yourself with other supplies

You’ll generally need scissors, felt pen, satin ribbons and tape.

5. Determine the correct wrapping style

If the gift is accompanied by a rectangular box, wrapping would be easy. But if it’s an oddly shaped gift (and without a box), you’ll need some effort. Here’s a tutorial to tame that irregular gift as well!

6. Fuse some creativity

If you’ve multiple gifts to pack and a similar looking wrapping paper for all of them, try to wrap half of them inside out. Or you could use a combination of two different wrappers for the same gift (e.g. gift paper and cray paper). More on this, here.

7. Play with embellishments

Give final touches to the gift with embellishments and glitter. It can make even the most mundane gift voucher much more exciting to open.

Finally, make it a point to browse through fresh innovative ideas over the internet before you attempt the wizardry! This Valentine’s, take up the challenge to wrap the gifts so beautifully, that your significant other wouldn’t have the heart to unwrap them! 😛