When starting out with a website or a blog, it is very important to base it upon some niche topic. Having a wide array of topics on your website may confuse not just the search engine crawlers, but your readers as well!

Now you may think that this step is already accomplished by now, and that your website (or your vision of your website) is already ready to be made live!

However, there are many key questions that you should ask yourself before bringing it to your target audience:


  • Are you genuinely interested in the topics that you’re trying to sell? If not, why not choose a different topic? You’d be far more likely to succeed if you’re really interested in what you’re trying to sell. Also, it is better to sell people what they want than selling them what you want. Create something that the market wants.


  • Is the marketplace for your product oversaturated? Examples: Blogging, credit cards, medical prescriptions, hosting and generic site design are all oversaturated markets. Breaking into these can be exceptionally difficult, so think carefully about what would make your product stand out.


  • Is there something you can do to make yourself different than everyone else in the market? (P.S: “Cheaper” is not always a viable business model in this super-competitive market).


In the end, ask yourself — What would make people want to link to your site and promote it, without you asking them to? What creative or original ideas can you add to your site to make it popular?

Getting answers to these can go a long way in  determining a successful website!


If you have questions and inquiries about SEO, do let me know through the comments below. Or send it to me via tweet to @priyankanaik042