In SEO, all major elements of a website/brand must be synced in order to ensure the best results. Considerations like adding the right set of keywords, creating quality content, and optimizing backlinks can all spell a successful strategy.

One might have quality content, and the right set of keywords, but this would not tantamount much, if the chosen domain name doesn’t gel well with the site’s theme. Surely, users may still be able to find you through other keywords, but not having an apt domain name can significantly affect the amount of traffic that you’d be able to receive otherwise.

Coming up with a perfect domain name for your website (brand) could be a little tricky, and could mean a world of difference between the website’s success or failure in the online marketplace. Choosing the right domain name is paramount for two major reasons:

  1. Users would be able to identify your brand much better
  2. It would significantly help improve your visibility and authority.


Few tips to come up with a perfect domain name:


Make it easy and catchy

The ultimate goal of branding is having your audience remember your brand. To this effect, it pays to have a catchy name that your visitors would easily relate to your brand. In order to instill a sense of familiarity, domain name must also reflect the brand’s sentiments effectively.

When it comes to picking domain names, keeping it short and simple is always a good strategy, as it makes it easy to remember. It must also have a high recall value.

Keywords in domains

Since SEO is about effective use of keywords to improve a website’s visibility, using keywords in the domain name itself is also a viable strategy. Having strategic keywords in the domain name can greatly boost a website’s search rankings, which can help increase the website footfalls and subsequently create more and better conversions for the brand.

Area-specific domains

Other than keywords, using domain names that include your brand’s location is also effective, especially for local SEO strategies. This is another strategy that we use on the websites of our clients, as they have region-specific services that they want to target for their brand. Usual types of locations tagged may include cities, countries, or at times, even provinces.

Such domains not only help in generating more traffic within a certain geographical area but also enable people to look for your business much easier. With the upcoming Google Maps update, and the increasing number of users using voice search, area-specific domains are expected to become more common soon.

Avoid Hyphens

While a good number of famous brands do have hyphens in their names, it is always better to avoid using them to the extent possible. They can often seem obfuscating to the end user (people tend to have a hard time trying to remember where exactly the hyphen could be placed in the domain name). This might result in a lot of incorrectly typed domains, which may be a cause for comparatively lesser traffic.

Social Media Compliant

You might have your preferred domain name available and ready to use, however, can the same name be used for your brand’s social media accounts? If your answer to this is no, then your chosen name may need a bit of rethinking and rebranding. It helps to keep the domain name and its corresponding social media handles in sync, making it viable to reinforce your brand’s strength.

Before deciding in on a domain name, it is best to do some quick background lookup on your domain name and check if it’s available on at least the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram . Some social media handles and domains have copyrights and trademarks as well (using them may lead to legal ramifications) , something that you’d most certainly want to avoid.

Assessing Performance

Assessing performance of a potential domain name is important, as it helps you to be sure about it. For this,  you can use an effective keyword research tool, which can provide you with detailed statistical data on how well certain keywords perform.


Choosing your domain name can be quite challenging. With a plethora of websites present on the internet, the number of domain name choices at your disposal becomes lesser by the day. With the aforementioned tips, you can ensure a good domain, that perfectly fits your branding and service, and generates the best amount of traffic.

If you have questions and inquiries about SEO, do let me know through the comments below. Or send it to me via tweet to @priyankanaik042 🙂