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A Random Observandum

People encounter winning and losing streaks from time to time. Many successful people inevitably attribute their wins to Hard work. But ironically, the same folks wouldn’t think twice before ascribing their losses to “Luck”, or more squarely put “Bad luck”. Resonates?

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It ain’t Overnight Success, if its not achieved in a day…

This can well be summed up through a Java program 🙂
import java.util.*;
Class Success
     public static void main (String args []) throws IOException
          int no_of_days = 0;
          Scanner sc = new Scanner (;

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Insomnia — Out an’ About

Overthinking tossing and turning wheels of life engage. Lying still, breathing fast like a sparrow in a cage. Trapped tight and wired mind prepares to fall.

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The Geography of Connection

“There’s a lot happening in the world right now that would lead us to believe how disconnected we are from each other — but if this map says anything, I believe it’s that connection is real, alive, and important to us all.” Candace Rose Rardon illustrates a map of her readers’ travel stories.

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2017 Travel BucketList

Wow, its has been a busy couple of weeks. I sat down at the beginning of the month and planned out some blog post for December, attempting to put a little bit more energy and focus into Captured to Share. While my intentions were there, I woke up this morning with the realisation that eleven […]

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A December to remember…

I have joined Liz of Daily Warrior to make this month A December to Remember. We are doing one task off of the list each day in order to prepare for the new year and it has the added bonus of allowing the heart and mind to focus on more meaningful things. This is quite […]

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A cashless day out

My experience on a day out after the demonetisation move with a light wallet

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Seeing …

My eyes can only look outward. They seek, witness, and search No singular thoughts of their own Catching movement and color Concentrating on sound sources Sorting light and darkness Outside binary restraints Transmitting their way into an inner vision Processed with thought Mixed with a wrinkling of the brow A flutter of lashes, a blink. […]

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Women In Business…

I believe in so many things but my believe in women and the strength they posses seems to take a rather high position in my rankings. Today i would like to introduce to you for the first time or remind you of a group called WOMEN IN BUSINESS. Basically women in business, an affiliate […]

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Empowered to believe in miracles

I think I got the idea why people start to believe in miracles in winter more than during the other seasons…. Just imagine, cold and nasty November which makes you need additional warmth and mostly all the time you are thinking about fluffy cats by your side who could warm you up a bit, and […]

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