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Learn about Compound interest

Learn about the power of compound interest in this 21st step of our 100 steps mission to financial independence

via Step 20: Learn about Compound interest — 100 Steps Mission

TGIF!… Not.

Today, most people are in TGIF mode. Except people who don’t work. Except people off work, and who are on vacation. Except people like me. Because today is the first day of my week… This week. Yeah, I just had 6 day off work, and will now work 6 days straight. And […]

via TGIF!… Not. — Cyranny’s cove

How to Determine Your Worth as a Person

Let’s pretend I possess the world’s largest diamond collection. Because diamonds have high market value, I would be “worth” a lot of money. But why are diamonds valuable? They’re stones. Like the ones we skip across ponds or kick to the side of the trail. Simple supply and demand, which I understood but didn’t actually […]

via How to Determine Your Worth as a Person — Must Be This Tall To Ride

The Legend of Ambitious Women

Are ambitious women just a legend? Or are ambitious women made of the stuff of legend? “Dear Roberta, this is a very ambitious work…” Ha, if only I had a penny for every time someone has said that to me or wrote it as a commentary in an essay. How do you read such a […]

via The Legend of Ambitious Women — THE ECONOMIST Gone Rogue

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM)

Who doesn’t know about the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, or SCMM, as it is popularly known? This annual international marathon is held in Mumbai every year on the third Sunday of January. This year, the date is January 15th. Launched in 2004, the SCMM is one of Asia’s largest and richest marathons, and one of the best loved of Mumbaikars’ events. Bollywood star and fitness freak John Abraham has been the face of the event for many years.

via Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon — Fred Travels Pvt ltd

Why Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership is becoming an important tool in a PR professional’s belt.

via Why Thought Leadership? — Heather Scovill

Life’s Ups and Downs

“Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.” ~ Rick Warren

via Meaningful Monday-Life’s Ups and Downs — Simply Etta D.

It’s ok to not be ok!

There are times when everything in my life is going great and then there are times when everything goes completely downhill. I used to pretend everything was ok when it wasn’t and never gave myself time to really grieve a situation and move on from it. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect and you […]

via It’s ok to not be ok  — Always the Assistant, Never the Boss

Who moved my Cheese (Comfort Zone)?

Change happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go. Spencer Johnson, author of Who Moved My Cheese? For some years now, that quote has been a favourite of mine. Though I have read Who Moved My Cheese?, I actually first heard it when I was in […]

via I Need To Move Some Cheese — along the side of the road

Digital Currencies, Bitcoin, and the Future of eCommerce

Money is going digital – it’s as simple as that. As Sweden considers a national digital currency, we discuss the implications for the future of eCommerce!

via Digital Currencies, Bitcoin, and the Future of eCommerce — SolidTrust Pay Corporate Blog

The Lost Art of Patience

Written by Guest Contributor: Paul S. (USA) Founder of: OakTownVibes If you have been looking for a sign, this is it! All of the waiting has a purpose and there is very good reason why you are stuck where you are right now. Patience is a lost art. Yes, I said it! The ability to wait while your ideas […]

via 5 Ways to Become More Patient — MakeItUltra™

The Art of Taking a Break: Insanity

Hello, everyone. You’re about to discover how demented my definition of taking a break can be… With dogged determination I endeavor to disengage form things that develop stress. Of course I get more, different, worse stress in return. I decided a distraction of monumental proportions was in order. No, not that kind of monument, though I’d […]

via The Art of Taking a Break: Insanity — Teagan’s Books

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