If you are interested in guest writing for this blog, you’re encouraged to do so for the following niches:

– Blogging and Digital Marketing

– Lifestyle/Spirituality

– Books, Food, Travel, Places

– Any other interesting topic

This won’t be a paid gig, but you can have backlinks to your blogs and social media handles (strictly non spammy sites). And as an additional perk, you could also get free shoutouts to your pages via my social media channels.

Basic Criteria

  • Only genuine bloggers who wish to have do-follow backlinks to their personal blogs are accepted.
  • An article or blogpost can have atmost 2 backlinks.
  • The article is expected to be free from grammatical errors. Content must be at least 500 words with no fluff (Minimum length is required for SEO purposes).
  • If possible, try to see that your post is geared towards SEO. If you are unsure about what SEO is or how to do it, I can do it for you.
  • Strictly do not plagiarize. This will be thoroughly verified before the post goes live.
  • Please include images wherever relevant (at least one in each article for the thumbnail).


If you’re interested, kindly leave a message at the Contact page. Entries that clearly demonstrate you didn’t read this page will not be entertained.