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Envious of the Highly Intelligent? Think again!

Many people have an illusion that high intelligence is an elixir, which can help you seamlessly rise above the regular day-to-day challenges. It is generally perceived that – the higher IQ you’ve, the more successful you’re likely to be.

It helps in certain areas, no doubt. It may help you ace academics, puzzles, research areas, etc. But real life is a different ball game altogether – wherein mere intelligence isn’t the most important indicator of success. In fact, it many cases, it could also prove to be detrimental to one’s potential to succeed.

For all the hype that goes into believing how amazing and gifted it is to be smart, there are also some glaring disadvantages which may hit you on the way. It has downsides, specially when it comes to dealing with an “average” world.

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A Random Observandum

People encounter winning and losing streaks from time to time. Many successful people inevitably attribute their wins to Hard work. But ironically, the same folks wouldn’t think twice before ascribing their losses to “Luck”, or more squarely put “Bad luck”. Resonates?

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It ain’t Overnight Success, if its not achieved in a day…

This can well be summed up through a Java program 🙂
import java.util.*;
Class Success
     public static void main (String args []) throws IOException
          int no_of_days = 0;
          Scanner sc = new Scanner (;

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Extreme Situations

Sometimes God uses extreme situations to get our attention. I’ve found this to be true. Days when I’m doing everything right and following my usual routines seem ‘blah’ in comparison to days when I trip and fall into temptation. Days when imperfection is boldly written across my forehead. Such days when I feel like a […]

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Obliged!  😊

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The Power Of Mindset

Every one of 7.4 Billion Human Beings on our planet is, in one way or other, unique. A Mindset is an intrinsic part of a human being and is the abstract that makes us unique and exclusive. In simpler words, our Species is a culture of 7.4 Billion Mindsets. The birth of a new born […]

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If You Want To Be Understand, Listen !

One of the best ways we know about a problem is to listen. many people do not understand, confused, not because they are stupid, but because they did not listen. much better to listen than to talk a lot. people can solve problems quickly and understand a lot of things are people who like to […]

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She: The Origin Story Of A Strong Woman

It has always been a matter of fascination to know about, how our superheroes originated, what made them special and what was the reason they chose to follow the path, which led them to who they are today? We have many superheroes around us! Some are in the form of comics, Some are in the […]

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How this journey goes depends mostly on us, and a little of the environment that we navigate in, the acceptance, the masculine superiority. The road is hard and long, difficult with many different stages, the battle the in satisfaction until we find ourselves. We at times find ourselves fighting for recognition, A strong woman understands […]

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Digital Cash

Bitcoin has been growing more and more popular over the years. The image above shows how daily bitcoin transactions are indeed growing over the years. This effect is based on the cause, witch, in this case is people becoming more digital over the days. You see, bitcoin prices can be, for example, 752 USD one […]

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Are you approachable..?

She was in damn need of help when she came to me. Obviously, I supported her. It was not at all a big deal for me. But she was a bit reluctant to make me do the same thing for her continuously, for a few days. May be due to her concern for me.. I […]

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Unlearning: The Top Secret To Being Successful

by Tony Ogunlowo We all want to be successful in life; whether it is in our professional or private lives. We want successful relationships, successful careers and we want to be seen as being successful in everything we do in the eyes of the world. Schools of thought will have us believe that to be successful you […]

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