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The Truth behind Greener Grass

  The road not taken, Seems like the better one. We doubt our journey Believing we've missed the fun.   Most people aren't content, Most feel they've missed out. But being thankful for what you've Is what it's really all... Continue Reading →

Busy-ness does not mean Business

Are you often busy, but when you look back, you can't help but wonder - where has all the time has gone? In today’s world, it is so easy to be busy rather than being productive. That’s because we have... Continue Reading →

Workplace Sexism: What changes?

A few days back, I received a message on LinkedIn from a popular tech magazine editor: "I invite you to join my network and have a mentor. I like to help young professionals. If you want to try publishing on... Continue Reading →

How many leaders do you need anyway?

We live in a world where “innovators” and "disruptors" are glorified, but no company (or society) could perform if such individuals make up the bulk. In fact, for any system to function, a majority of its people need to simply... Continue Reading →

Aasaan Hai….

How many of you (like me) are ardent Sandeep Maheshwari fans? I don't think there is anyone who isn’t blown by the unsullied thoughts of the great orator! I personally try to uphold each and every advice of his.  ... Continue Reading →

Splurge on the Present, not the Wrapper

  Are you one of those people - who are adept at finding the perfect gift, but can never get the wrapping right? Are you a last minute bung it in a bag kind of person? Well, don't switch to... Continue Reading →

A Corny Story

  Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a nondescript village - who grew a superior quality, best in class corn. Almost every year, his famed corn would win a blue ribbon award in the state fair. One... Continue Reading →

Why so serious, son?

"If you really took yourself seriously enough, you'd realize how important it is to enjoy life!!" I'd love to have the quote tattooed on my arm, if only it weren't so long... 😊 The frustrations of living in the 21st century come... Continue Reading →

The Fifty Second Week

I've always dreaded the fifty second week - that time of the year when working is contemptuously looked down upon! As a Type-A workaholic who thrives on relentless hustle, I've always found this extended celebratory week to be painfully agonizing.... Continue Reading →

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