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The Truth behind Greener Grass

  The road not taken, Seems like the better one. We doubt our journey Believing we've missed the fun.   Most people aren't content, Most feel they've missed out. But being thankful for what you've Is what it's really all... Continue Reading →

Seeing …

My eyes can only look outward. They seek, witness, and search No singular thoughts of their own Catching movement and color Concentrating on sound sources Sorting light and darkness Outside binary restraints Transmitting their way into an inner vision Processed... Continue Reading →

Not Quite

There are two or three men desperate for her. They beg to see, to touch, to give her things, the ocean and coastal terrain. She’d give in if her head and heart weren’t tied up in him, trying to teach... Continue Reading →


He watches me like a 12 year old boy watches his dream girl Like he can’t believe she’s walking over to talk to him It makes me giggle because it’s so cute But mostly, it melts me I have a... Continue Reading →

I don’t care anymore!

They said I squandered, They said I messed up & lost, They said I wasted my life, that I have never realized it’s cost. They said my dreams weren’t worth a dime, That I was a lost star that failed... Continue Reading →

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