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Demonetization of Currency a Curse for NBFCs or blessing in disguise!

The only topic that is in discussion today in India is demonetization announced by our respected PM. The capital market also reacted boldly to these. On one hand where the Fixed Income market saw a fantastic run northwards, on the... Continue Reading →

Things to Know about the Safe Deposit Box

What should or shouldn’t be kept in a Safe Deposit Box. Great competitors incorporate firsts of key archives, for example, birth testaments, property deeds, auto titles, and U.S. Reserve funds Bonds that haven’t been changed over into electronic securities. Different... Continue Reading →

NFC – FinTech, Banking, Tech & Speed

What are the implications of NFC based Mobile Payments solution? Is it going to change the world, be a significant “win”, be a nice hack. NFC based mobile payments can support globally and will give financial institutions and partners greater... Continue Reading →

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