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Splurge on the Present, not the Wrapper


Are you one of those people – who are adept at finding the perfect gift, but can never get the wrapping right? Are you a last minute bung it in a bag kind of person?

Well, don’t switch to the banal gift bag and tissue paper cop out just yet! I’d like to share some simple tips to make this most loathed activity a little easier.

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Thought for Today: Being Creative

Creativity is a natural extension of ourselves and it’s not limited to artistic expression. Inspiration originates from a spark inside of us and many times we get these ideas in quiet moments of inner reflection. I loved daydreaming and playing make-believe growing up. I look back and noticed it was simply my way of manifesting […]

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Creative Nepotism?

I had 12 extra seconds today and found that rare opportunity to click over to the Discover link on my reader page. This is what caught my eye. I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. I know I’ve certainly found myself giving better reviews to people I know and like, agonizing about whether […]

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