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Part of God’s Strategic Plan

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. (Proverbs 16:9) Originally, I was working towards a career in investment banking. My plans revolved around anything with the highest payoff. Because money. Then I meandered into the field of Information Technology in Higher Education and grew too specialized to escape. I figured it was one of life’s detours […]

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Thought for Today: Being Creative

Creativity is a natural extension of ourselves and it’s not limited to artistic expression. Inspiration originates from a spark inside of us and many times we get these ideas in quiet moments of inner reflection. I loved daydreaming and playing make-believe growing up. I look back and noticed it was simply my way of manifesting […]

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In a natural world

when things seem crazy stillness and simplicity will allow silence © 2016 Melinda Irvine This is my contribution to the Blogging-U course Photography: Developing your Eye II (Day 4 Natural World). The featured image was also published on the ABC Open Project: Pic of the Week under the title Stillness and Simplicity. Check it out here.

via in a natural world — Melinda J. Irvine

The Potential Of A Miracle Lies In You!

Lately, I came across several posts talking about miracles and coincidences or some conversations turned out to be about them. I love this matter. I also made it the topic of my latest manuscript (which still is waiting in line for being translated and published in English). But what actually is a miracle? Most of us […]

via The Potential Of A Miracle Lies In You! — Erika Kind

This too shall pass

I tried to look my best that day,
but it was all falling apart
Maybe it needed a different place, another time
for a brand new start.

The mind tried to cajole me,
but the psyche begged to differ.
What astonished me a great extent was,
it was still willing to suffer.

Fragments of memories rushed through in a haze,
struggle was to not get lost in the maze.
Every morning, I wake up with these memories stalking me,
trying to search for hope
because the evening often derides me.

And then the odd hum of nature penetrates through the ears…
It’s rich melody determined to inspire,
making me realise that there’s much more to desire.
Hope, dreams, gladness, peace
re-affirming the belief that time heals.
And though much of the heart’s made of glass,
like everything else,

Here and there. — Stuttering Buddha

Previous weeks (and especially last few days) weren’t very pleasant and joyful. I had to fight off few demons, deal with unskillful behavior of others, and my own foolish and childish actions. When I’m in trouble and under a lot of stress I generally don’t meditate. I guess the same way sick person (whose body desperately needs strength […]

via Here and there. — Stuttering Buddha

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