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You Want It When? – Delayed vs Instant Gratification How do you open a present? Do you rip the paper off, revealing its contents in a nanosecond? Or do you carefully remove each piece of tape and unwrap the paper (immediately folding it of course) to reveal the... Continue Reading →

Delayed Gratification

Setting long-term goals requires a special skill: delayed gratification. While envisioning a versions of yourself in the future, there’s a sort of pull to make oneself more connected to the present. I call that short-term pull for a present connection... Continue Reading →

* Tao Wisdom ☯ – Patience

Like muddy water with mystery below the surface. Can you wait until the mud settles and the way becomes clear? Can you be patient enough to hold off acting until you are ready?* ~ Lao Tzu Let us all listen... Continue Reading →

20 Science-backed Ways to Instantly Feel More Powerful — BayArt

Feeling powerful begins with inner strength. Regardless of social status, ethnicity, gender, or skill set, people of all ages and backgrounds have the capability to be strong, courageous, and authentic. via 20 Science-backed Ways to Instantly Feel More Powerful — BayArt

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