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A New Start

Sometimes I still think of you, Instances are rare, but still a few. During travels and meets, And in moments of solitude. Of how you made me laugh, When smiling seemed impossible, Or how you assured its gonna be okay,... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid the Validation Trap

MakeItUltra™ Founder: Eric C., MA., PhD Candidate (USA) Website: “You need to love yourself and be yourself one hundred percent before you can actually love someone else.” ~Christina Perri 1. Accept your susceptibility We are most likely going to... Continue Reading →

Why the World Doesn’t End with a Break-Up

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Christin Götz Founder & Owner of: MeaTisch Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Food & Drink and Healthy Living Writer You once fell in love with each other, you wore those rose glasses of love. Yep,... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love — BOWENDIARIES

Loving her, Was like the sun falling for the moon. She, content. Though flawed and imperfect. She was his moon, He, the sun. And he felt the need To be her source of happiness. So he gave her his light,... Continue Reading →

LOVE EQUALS SUCCESS — Tangible Triumph

Quoted by Millionaire’s Digest Team Members: Ray Rodriguez & Will Herens Founders & Owners of: Tangible Triumph Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributors, Successful Living Writers “When you really do something you absolutely love, Success will come in multiple ways.” Quote Credits:... Continue Reading →

You have no Haters!

Dear readers, Haters. Everybody is talking about Haters. Where did this idea of Haters come from? Hate used to be a word no one said because the word Hate carries a strong overtone. Instead, people used the word Dislike. Here... Continue Reading →

Love, whatever works.  — BayArt

PsychPerspectives Whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, take ever temporary measure of grace, whatever works. The biggest part of your picture is luck, embrace it. Words from a great film, Whatever Works. PsychPerspectives... Continue Reading →

Money or happiness? (2 minute read)

Happiness in our work and career is often overlooked. We are told from a young age that we work to make money and not to be happy but since the majority of us spend most of our lives in our... Continue Reading →

I don’t care anymore!

They said I squandered, They said I messed up & lost, They said I wasted my life, that I have never realized it’s cost. They said my dreams weren’t worth a dime, That I was a lost star that failed... Continue Reading →

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