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~ Nothing Lasts Forever ~

Nothing lasts forever, all will tum to rust even our own lives will return to dust. All of our possessions, will rot and decay all that we treasure will simply blow away. But there is one thing, that is everlasting... Continue Reading →

In a natural world

when things seem crazy stillness and simplicity will allow silence © 2016 Melinda Irvine This is my contribution to the Blogging-U course Photography: Developing your Eye II (Day 4 Natural World). The featured image was also published on the ABC... Continue Reading →

Jewel In The Crown

I’ve recently returned from vacation in England. The theme of my trip was countryside and gardens. What I learned from this trip is an order of magnitude beyond that notion of “garden” which I had before I embarked. I’d previously... Continue Reading →

This too shall pass

I tried to look my best that day, but it was all falling apart Maybe it needed a different place, another time for a brand new start. The mind tried to cajole me, but the psyche begged to differ. What... Continue Reading →

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