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Why so serious, son?

"If you really took yourself seriously enough, you'd realize how important it is to enjoy life!!" I'd love to have the quote tattooed on my arm, if only it weren't so long... 😊 The frustrations of living in the 21st century come... Continue Reading →

A Random Observandum

People encounter winning and losing streaks from time to time. Many successful people inevitably attribute their wins to Hard work. But ironically, the same folks wouldn't think twice before ascribing their losses to "Luck", or more squarely put "Bad luck". Resonates?... Continue Reading →

Random Thought!

This life is all about wanting and intentions. If I want something, I will eventually get it. If money is my priority,I will get it sooner or later. But I won’t get what I never wanted. After getting money, I... Continue Reading →


Snowflakes. Fading upon blushed flesh, its rivulets a frame sketched for the captive soul. Gaze glimmering, hope dissolving, an echo to the void of twilight’s end. She longs to be released. A breath divine. An oasis to a threadbare wish... Continue Reading →

A Wallflower

It was the question she yearned, For someone to ask; It was the words left unsaid, Which tugged at her heart; It was the silence following, An argument backed out of; It was all the missed chances, Of a girl,... Continue Reading →

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