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Bridging with patience

The previous day we had hardly left the cabin. Ceaselessly the rain had beaten roof and windows, clouds had licked the soil while gusts of wind had shaken walls and doors. When morning came the rain had ceased, but rivulets had grown to rivers. The sound of rushing water filled the valley, and on the […]

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Love, whatever works.  — BayArt

PsychPerspectives Whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, take ever temporary measure of grace, whatever works. The biggest part of your picture is luck, embrace it. Words from a great film, Whatever Works. PsychPerspectives

via Love, whatever works.  — BayArt

Killing by comparison…

I remember as kids, me and my friends, were always comparing each others’ birthday—or Christmas—presents. Who had gotten the coolest, the best, the most expensive, the latest, the hippest present of all? It was of course a childish competition of sorts, but just that; childish or naïve. I believe all kids have probably done the […]

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After being challenged

by a storm,

I picked up pieces

of my shattered dream.

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I don’t care anymore!

They said I squandered,

They said I messed up & lost,

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