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On being an Alpha Woman

When referring to personalities, we usually come across the terms alpha, beta and omega. This article is about the "Alpha" enigma. What is so special about being an alpha? What are their atypical characteristics? And how being one can help... Continue Reading →


How this journey goes depends mostly on us, and a little of the environment that we navigate in, the acceptance, the masculine superiority. The road is hard and long, difficult with many different stages, the battle the in satisfaction until... Continue Reading →

Women In Business…

I believe in so many things but my believe in women and the strength they posses seems to take a rather high position in my rankings. Today i would like to introduce to you for the first time or remind... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Independent

“And though she be but little, she is fierce” ~Shakespeare via Little Miss Independent — Southern By Design


As soon as the southwest monsoon flows over the air there was an occurrence of a vague loneliness I cannot explain. The moisture-laden wind carries with it a painful sensation I do not even want to go back to. The... Continue Reading →

20 Science-backed Ways to Instantly Feel More Powerful — BayArt

Feeling powerful begins with inner strength. Regardless of social status, ethnicity, gender, or skill set, people of all ages and backgrounds have the capability to be strong, courageous, and authentic. via 20 Science-backed Ways to Instantly Feel More Powerful — BayArt

You have no Haters!

Dear readers, Haters. Everybody is talking about Haters. Where did this idea of Haters come from? Hate used to be a word no one said because the word Hate carries a strong overtone. Instead, people used the word Dislike. Here... Continue Reading →

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