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Aasaan Hai….

How many of you (like me) are ardent Sandeep Maheshwari fans? I don't think there is anyone who isn’t blown by the unsullied thoughts of the great orator! I personally try to uphold each and every advice of his.  ... Continue Reading →

The Climb is Tough

At first a plateau seems like a perfectly happy place to be. Comfortable, familiar and doesn’t require any uncomfortable compromises or harder work. Great, right? It is, until you start having trouble fitting into your jeans again. Your thighs are... Continue Reading →

And full stop.

Aleya Kassam remembers her granny: “I watched you struggle. I watched the battle as your soul navigated its way out of your body. How for days you sank into the space between two worlds.” via And full stop. — Discover

I’m not stubborn, I just don’t settle  — Always the Assistant, Never the Boss

“Why are you so stubborn?” This was a question that someone asked me a while ago and it threw me off. I was surprised because I’ve been called a lot of different things but stubborn wasn’t one of them. I... Continue Reading →

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