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The Power Of Mindset

Every one of 7.4 Billion Human Beings on our planet is, in one way or other, unique. A Mindset is an intrinsic part of a human being and is the abstract that makes us unique and exclusive. In simpler words,... Continue Reading →

Random Thought!

This life is all about wanting and intentions. If I want something, I will eventually get it. If money is my priority,I will get it sooner or later. But I won’t get what I never wanted. After getting money, I... Continue Reading →

Seeing …

My eyes can only look outward. They seek, witness, and search No singular thoughts of their own Catching movement and color Concentrating on sound sources Sorting light and darkness Outside binary restraints Transmitting their way into an inner vision Processed... Continue Reading →

Professional forgetter

Wiped clean, like a smear on a window. The fuzzy snow descended, hastening a lie. Trying to forget me. A twist and turn of those events, chalked up now in time. Lay me down. Wipe me out. Hurrying the thoughts... Continue Reading →

Afternoon Reflections

Little bit dark these two snaps are. And there is a point behind this. via Afternoon Reflections — Blog of Hammad Rais

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