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A New Start

Sometimes I still think of you, Instances are rare, but still a few. During travels and meets, And in moments of solitude. Of how you made me laugh, When smiling seemed impossible, Or how you assured its gonna be okay,... Continue Reading →

High Praises…

Oh Goddess of rejections, insecurities, sleepless nights, and the sink that always seems to leak. Oh Goddess of loneliness, depression, evenings spent looking for hope in the foggy light of isolation. Oh Goddess of endless chores, mundane errands, always lurking... Continue Reading →

Unrequited Love — BOWENDIARIES

Loving her, Was like the sun falling for the moon. She, content. Though flawed and imperfect. She was his moon, He, the sun. And he felt the need To be her source of happiness. So he gave her his light,... Continue Reading →

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