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#FridayFictioneers – Nothingness

. She awoke with a haze swimming in her head and staggered out the door, then stopped. Walls of metal and floors of smoothed concrete met her gaze, illumined by unexceptional fluorescent lights lending the corridor a cold, antiseptic ambience... Continue Reading →

A Glorious Long Weekend A few pics from our most enjoyable Queen’s Birthday long weekend… . . . . . On Friday, Pete and I popped in to Carriageworks to spend half an hour in the Grand Bazaar of Arak, Iran. Hossein Valamanesh’s... Continue Reading →

Another Day Another Blessing.. — Welcome to 26_to_life

Good morning people!!Thanks who followed me recently and also who commented on my posts..So,its a Sunday morning here in India…no rain no sunshine.. Every one have a different life,a different work,different people with them..But it doesn’t matter if you are... Continue Reading →

The Empty Train…

Despite living in Mumbai for almost all my life, I had never really used the local trains, considered to be the lifeline of the maximum city. If at all I had to hop onto one, I would always make sure... Continue Reading →

Learn Something Sunday

Happy Sunday! I thought after a while I would run out of things to learn but apparently when you pay attention and make it a mission to be learning you find ways to do it without even realizing. Here’s a... Continue Reading →

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