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Dependency Planning — Words and Notion

Boss: Hello guys, please ensure to complete the assignment by tomorrow 4 PM. I have a client meeting, starting within an hour and there after I will be flying to xxx. So please let me know if you anticipate any... Continue Reading →

Stairs to other world — Yarnspinnerr

Prompt …. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Joy Pixley. Thank you Joy! The old lady huffed and puffed but she kept climbing the stairs. She was panting by the 33rd step. She could hardly breathe but she lugged... Continue Reading →

Notion of the day — Words and Notion

Change the modus operandi when the outcomes are not favorable and never your objectives. via Notion of the day — Words and Notion

Learn Something Sunday

Happy Sunday! I thought after a while I would run out of things to learn but apparently when you pay attention and make it a mission to be learning you find ways to do it without even realizing. Here’s a... Continue Reading →

7 plus 1 ways to finish important projects — BayArt

Do you sometimes have problems finishing a project, whether it’s a story, a long blog entry, a home improvement project, or a complex piece of art? I know I do. Any person only has so much attention and enthusiasm. It... Continue Reading →

Love, whatever works.  — BayArt

PsychPerspectives Whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, take ever temporary measure of grace, whatever works. The biggest part of your picture is luck, embrace it. Words from a great film, Whatever Works. PsychPerspectives... Continue Reading →

How do you read?

Prosecution: I provide experience. I provide a complete, sensory enjoyment – tangible, olfactory, visual and most of all, intellectual and emotional. Defence: I provide convenience. My guilt is easily swiped, your guilt causes mold on old book-cases. I live, without... Continue Reading →

Killing by comparison…

I remember as kids, me and my friends, were always comparing each others’ birthday—or Christmas—presents. Who had gotten the coolest, the best, the most expensive, the latest, the hippest present of all? It was of course a childish competition of... Continue Reading →

Money or happiness? (2 minute read)

Happiness in our work and career is often overlooked. We are told from a young age that we work to make money and not to be happy but since the majority of us spend most of our lives in our... Continue Reading →

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